Consultation on the Formation of a Corporate Network

In 2005, finep supported and consulted the process concerning the formation of a corporate network (U-Netz) in Pliensauvorstadt, Esslingen and facilitated the consolidation phase. Supporting the local economy is an important field of activity within Esslingen's programme Social City. In the city district Pliensauvorstadt there was a lack of institutionalised contact persons which can be addressed as representatives of the local district economy. Moreover, in the education project Tri-colore the need for a close cooperation between schools and the economcy was identified as being fundamental so that the pupils have the necessary skills to undergo vocational training successfully. 

The aim of the programme that was co-funded by LOS was to strengthen the business location Esslingen-Pliensauvorstadt, in order to maintain existing and create new opportunities for vocational training and internships in the medium to long term. The project intended to create a stable structure of small and medium-sized enterprises in the form of an Pliensauvorstadt Association of Commerce or similar.

Further information on the implementation of the project can be obtained from the Esslingen's LOS-project website. The U-Netz Pliensauvorstadt has its own website.



The support was financed by the programme Local Resources for Social Purposes - LOS (Funds of the European Social Funds from the Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth).

Contact person: Ralph Griese