Acquisition of Third-party Funds

Non-profit organisations in many fields nowadays rely on external funds from, for instance, the European Commission, foundations, ministries. For this, two questions are of central concern to many organisations: Where do funding opportunities exist? How do we gain access to those funds?


In the past five years, finep implemented numerous training courses for social entities, associations, municipalities and development-oriented organisations. These range from inhouse courses for professional and management staff to open seminars.


The contents are tailored to the needs and time resources of each target audience.


For instance, contens of training courses for third-party funding may comprise:

  • Introduction: how does project funding work?

  • Detailled overview of appropriate funding opportunities at European, national or regional level

  • Introduction to and explanation of different parts of proposals (narrative part, budget, annexes)

  • Explanation of funding conditions and necessary information to be presented by applicants and/or project partners

  • In case of project applications to EuropeAid (DG DEVCO since January 2011): Introduction to PADOR, the registration system for organisations wishing to participate in calls for proposals

  • Practical exercises

  • Tips and tricks for successful project applications


The duration of the courses depends on the contens as well as the number and previous knowledge of the participants. A basic introduction to third-party funding requires a minimum of two huors. For a more detailed and more practical introduction to the topic at least one full day is required.

In our experience training courses have the greatest impact when they are as practical as possible. Training courses that are based on a concrete project idea and are concerned with the different parts of a proposal should at minimum last two days.

We implement our training courses worldwide in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.


Contact person: Ralph Griese, Lena Grothe, Sebastian Henning, Martina Osterndorff and Stefan Mielke.