For Numerous Clients and on Various Topics

  • Funding Opportunities - Foundations & Co-Financing by the European Commission (2006); Funding Opportunities - Co-Financing by the European Commission (2007), Third-party Funding in Eastern Europe (2008), Funding Opportunities with the European Commission in Romania (2009), Funding Opportunities for a Development-oriented Study Programme for Students from Africa, Asia and Latin America (2008)
  • Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World): Impact Assessment and Impact Monitoring at the European Commission. Requirements related to Impact Assessment in NGOs receiving EC funding (2006)
  • forumZFD: Logical Framework Approach in Project Planning, Implementation and Evaluation at forumZFD (2008)
  • European Perspective, Greece: The MDGs in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic (2008)
  • European Perspective, Greece: Media Guide on MDGs (2008)


Contact persons: Ralph Griese and Annegret Kurze