Lobby and Advocacy

Due to complex interdependencies sustainable development cannot be achieved by single projects. Without well-grounded information that establish understanding and the willingness to act among members of the society, projects often have limited impact. For this reason finep supports the public discussion on topics related to development and the environment by engaging with lobbyists and linking up different actor groups.

Make Fruit Fair! - Decent Work, Fair Supply Chains and Sustainable Development

  The demand for tropical fruits is growing. So is the power of supermarkets and multinational fruit companies. At the same time farmers and workers in the tropical fruit sector suffer from unfair working and trading conditions. To change ...mehr

Capacity Building of NGO´s in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic for Mobilizing Support for MDG´s

The aim of this project that was cofinanced by the European Commission was to mobilise the support of the MDGs in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic via local NGOs. These NGOs were trained to ...mehr

Baden-Württemberg's Strategy for Sustainability

finep supported the Strategy for Sustainability that was initiated by the federal state of Baden-Württemberg in March 2007 with development-oriented events and further information.   The project broschure containing an overview of development-oriented activities of initiatives in Baden-Württemberg  and their views onthe needs for action within ...mehr

Lobbying on Development Policy for the State Parliamentary Elections in Baden-Württemberg 2006

The 14. State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg was elected 26 March 2006. The project Lobbying on Development Policy was to make topics such as Global Learning, fair globalisation, development education and development cooperation, but also issues concerning migration and integration ...mehr