Project Evaluations

A functioning monitoring and evaluation system should be an integral part of project management. It is the only way to be able to make any statement as regards succesful project implementation as well as the outcomes and impact of a project.


Support with the Establishment of a Monitoring and Evaluation System

Based on the experience that we gathered in our own project work and with providing monitoring and support services for the implementation of manifold projects of various clients, finep would be pleased to assist you with the establishment of a monitoring and evaluation system for your project or programme. With your input we thoroughly analyse your needs and support you with the establishment of a monitoring and evaluation plan for your concrete project or programme. If desired, we also assist you during the implementation process.


Implementation of Independent Project Evaluations

Interim evaluation, Uttarakhand,
India, February 2011

For projects, in the planning process of which we did not participate and which we were not involved in during the implementation process, we offer our expertise to you as independent evaluators for the realisation of interim or final project or programme evaluations.

The independent view from the outside helps you to be able to steer your project more efficiently and more effectively in the future. The questions that we can reply to within the framework of an evaluation process may include, for instance:

  • Which successes did you and your partners achieve and which disappointments did you encounter during the implementation of the project activities?
  • Is your project on track towards meeting the envisaged objectives or did it meet the objectives, respectively?
  • Are/were the project activities relevant for the target groups and how successful was the project in reaching the target groups?
  • Is the cooperation between you and your partners efficient and effective?
  • What should you improve, pay closer attention to or continue as before during the remainder of the project and in future projects?

Our approach to project evaluations is characterised by an analytical, methodologically sound and participative working style, and we take the time to get to know our clients and their needs and desires in detail. In a briefing meeting we clarify the focus of the evaluation, the detailed tersm of reference and the methodological approach with you. Completing our work in an efficient, thorough and timely manner is a matter of course.


Contact persons: Elke Rusteberg and Stefanie Kolodziej