Logical Framework Analysis

LogFrame Training Belgrad, 2008 (Photo: S. Degen, forumZFD)

Many donor agencies in the field of development cooperation request a completed project planning matrix as part of the application package. This is more widely known as the Logical Framework. This instrument for project planning and implementation, that was originally developed in the 1960s by USAID, combines the intervention logic, measurement of quality and progress and the context of the project in one table.


In our training courses we look at the different parts in detail, explaining the links  with the help of examples and practical exercises.


Depending on the level of experience of the participants, at least half a day would be required for a theoretical introduction. A practical introduction should ideally comprise at least two days.


We implement the courses worldwide in German, English, Spanish or Portuguese.


Contact person: Ralph Griese, Lena Grothe, Sebastian Henning, Martina Osterndorff and Stefan Mielke.