Project Planning

No matter to which call for proposals or by which donor agency an applicant applies for funding, two factors significantly contribute to the success of the application: firstly, the project idea has to be presented in a coherent and attractive manner and secondly, the proposal has to be formulated precisely and in accordance with the formal requirements.


The more complex the application procedure, the higher the requirements to the responsible staff member. In a training on project planning the participants learn how they can identify project ideas with the help of creative means and how they can subsequently decide on one for further pursuit. Other topics of the training can include how to identify and assess risks with the help of different analytical tools or how target groups and other stakeholders can be identified and their interests and power can be assessed.


The training course targets staff members from organisations and municipalities that would like to apply for project funds. They familiarise themselves with the instruments in order to design projects efficiently and at high quality level or to accompany the process, respectively.


The required time depends on the degree of detailedness. For a basic introduction at least one day is required. Such a training course can easily be combined with our offer to accompany the elaboration process of a project for a concrete call for proposal. Thus, training and practice can be combined in an ideal way to work out a concrete project plan.


We conduct the courses worldwide in German, English, Spanish or Portuguese.


Contact person: Ralph Griese, Lena Grothe, Sebastian Henning, Martina Osterndorff and Stefan Mielke.