Training and Consultation on Sustainable Public Procurement


Sustainable public procurement is very topical for many municipalities. State and municipalities possess of large purchasing power because in Germany every sixth euro is spent by public institutions. In today's globalised world, many products that are procured publicly come from development and transition countries: among others, natural stones from India and China, textiles from South-East-Asia, coffee from Latin America. In those countries child labour, the violation of labour norms and social standards present a burning issue. The public increasingly recognises this. More and more German municipalities have decided to pass on such products.


Our offer with regard to sustainable public procurement comprises a two-hour in-house training as well as individual consultations according to requirements. We address this offer to all interested staff working at city administrations.


Training on Sustainable Public Procurement in Municipalities

The training presents an introduction to the topic sustainable public procurement and social standards, points out alternatives and shows practical steps how sustainable public procurement can be implemented in an easy way. 


  • Contents of the training:
  • Social standards, child labour and procurement: how are these three things connected?
  • Which product groups are concerned?
  • Fair trade - what is it?
  • How is control exerted?
  • How to practically engage in sustainable procurement?
  • Which experiences exist from other municipalities?


Consultation on Sustainable Public Procurement in Municipalities

Within the framework of our consultation services we offer tailor-made solutions to you for sustainable procurement in your municipality.


Contents of the individual consultations may be:

  • Ideas workshop
  • Elaboration of a step-by-step plan for different product groups
  • Identification of obstacles and development of aids for sustainable procurement

Contact person: Kai Diederich