Course contents

Methods and framework conditions

You can choose between two specialisms that are provided in parallel:

  • “Narrative” application and reporting
  • “Financial” application and reporting


Training course bloc "Application"
Module 1   - EuropeAid - funding and registration procedures
Module 2   - Logframe and participatory project planning
Module 3a - Project application: Proposal writing (narrative)
Module 3b - Project application: Budgeting (financial)


Training course bloc "Reporting"
Module 4a - Contract and reporting: Report drafting (narrative)
Module 4b - Contract and reporting: Financial Report (financial)



For modules 3 and 4, you will be asked to choose between either a narrative or financial focus. Each module can be booked separately.


Based on introductory inputs, the training goes on to discuss practical examples. You will have the opportunity to test specific instruments and approaches. On one evening during the training course, you will be given the opportunity to talk in a relaxed atmosphere to an insider about the collaboration with EuropeAid. Either during or after the training course, you can take advantage of up to two hours of individual consultation. We are happy to answer questions about your specific project (application).


The number of participants per module is restricted to 15. This ensures both efficient and effective working-practices. The language of instruction is English.