finep conceptualises and implements - often in cooperation with other partners - education projects on different topics related to sustainable development.


finep supports the concept of "education for sustainable development" by introducing ways of sustainable thinking and acting during all of our projects. This includes transfer of knowledge concerning global interrelations that lead to global injustice and challenges. We present options for acting in a sustainable manner so that civil society is anabled to make social and ecological consious consumer decisions. That way civil society can take part in making the world more equitable. More information on „education for sustainable development".

Current examples include, inter alia, training concepts, further trainings, exhibitions, internet portals:

Volunteering for the Future

finep enables young returnees to become continuously engaged in development education. All over Europe young people go abroad in developing countries and get to know the work of a sending organization and the development work conducted in the region. Through their daily work they get ...mehr

Facilitator for Development Education and Higher Education in Baden-Württemberg

Since May 2013 finep is the responsible body for the Facilitator for Development Education and Higher Education in Baden-Württemberg. Non-Governmental Organisations and the Higher Education sector have ac ommon concern in Development Education. In Baden-Württemberg exist  a lot of initiatives and organisations ...mehr

Museo Mundial

Global learning in museums didn't hardly exist. However, museums are a great place to introduce global learning to the general public. The project aimed at closing this gap: it developed an innovative approach on how to integrate global learning into museums. To reach this goal museums and development NGOs ...mehr

Facilitating Global Learning

Background As a global challenge development is not only a concern of the countries of the global South, but to no lesser extent for the countries of the North. Consequences of our own behaviour (e.g. through consumption and lifestyle) on the countries of the South are crucial here. ...mehr

Global Gardening - New Methods for Global Learning

Gardening is very popular in many different parts of society. Especially young people are more and more discovering their passion for growing their own fruits and vegetables and participate for instance in urban gardening projects. But also different garden initiatives such as school ...mehr

So far but still close - Global Learning in rural areas

Development Education and Global Learning mostly focuses on large cities. However, the Global Learning opportunities in rural areas are quite sparse although the inhabitants are not less interested on global issues. Our project aims at closing this gap and therefore ...mehr