Strengthening of Inner City Potentials

Especially in rural areas, there is a clear conflict between the maintenance of natural resources, soil, and cultural landscape on the one hand and safeguarding the future of municipalities by fostering the development of the local economy and housing.

The continuing construction of traffic and settlement areas (in Baden-Württemberg 8.2 ha - equivalent to 12 soccer pitches - daily in 2008) destroys valuable cultural and natural landscape and results in high costs for infrastructure. ...more


Town Life - Reviving Towns in Rural Areas

In the project Town Life, new strategies for reviving small towns in rural areas are being developed. finep support the pilot project of the Sustainability Strategy Baden-Württemberg and the pilot communes Munderkingen and Gammertingen. ... more

"Management Matter - Inner City Development" started

Co-funded by the Ministry for Rural Areas, Nutrition and Consumer Protection of Baden-Württemberg and the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU), a new pilot project addressing mayors of rural communities in Baden-Württemberg started in spring 2010. ...more


As part of the working group MURMEL, finep co-developed the concept. ...more

Oberschwaben and Southern Black Forest

MURMEL was implemented in two LEADER-regions of Baden-Württemberg. ...more

Communities and Regions

The projects Live in the Heart of the Village and Black Forest Village - Village to Live in are composed of individual community projects and a coordinating regional framework project. ...more

Community Projects

finep provided advice to the following towns and villages. ...more

Working Group MURMEL

finep is part of the Working Group MURMEL. ...more