Module 1 - EuropeAid funding and registration procedures



You will be familiar with EuropeAid's funding programmes and you will be able to identify calls for proposals which are of relevance to you. Further to that, you will know the eligibility criteria for organisations to submit an application to EuropeAid and the proceedings to register online in PADOR.


We will present EuropeAid's structures, proceedings and funding instruments in a simple and vivid manner. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and share experiences they may have made with particular EU delegations or EU grant management. You will try out for yourself how to access the calls for proposals on EuropeAid's website. Analysing the guidelines and requirements for grant applicants for a real call for proposal, you will work out the structures and core elements of the call in small working groups. After a short input on the structure and functioning of the PADOR screens, you will do practical exercises in small groups. You will learn how to fill in the screens and how to create an account for your organisation. Helpful tips on the assessment and selection of applicants complete the module.


  • Responsibilities of EuropeAid and the EU delegations and their incorporation into the structures of the European Commission and the EU overall development policy
  • EuropeAid's cycle of operation, NGO participation and funding programmes
  • EuropeAid website - how to find calls for proposals
  • Guidelines for grant applicants - structure and content
  • Structure of the PADOR screen and registration in PADOR
  • Differences in registration for applicants, co-applicants and affiliated entities
  • Tools and online resources assisting with PADOR registration
  • Criteria for the assessment and choice of applicants


Stefanie Kolodziej