Module 3b Project application: Budgeting



At the end of the session you will be able to set up a cost estimate and financing plan for an EuropeAid-funded project, using the appropriate budget template. You will be able to distinguish between eligible and ineligible costs and know how to allocate costs correctly to the specific budget headings. You will be familiar with the electronic proposal submission via PROSPECT.


During the first phase of this session, you will acquire basic knowledge on key characteristics of the EU budget template and the principles of budget drafting. After an initial input you will apply your knowledge during a practical exercise. The results of the exercise will be analysed and all relevant questions that might come up during the elaboration process will be discussed in detail. Finally, the results will be crosschecked with a best practice budget. The session will be completed by helpful tips and tricks drawn from finep's own experiences in implementing EU funded projects and offering consulting services to other NGOs worldwide.


  • Logic and structure of the EU-budget template, including budget for the action, justification and clarification, sources of financing
  • Typology of cost and how to assign them to the different budget headings
  • Eligible and ineligible costs
  • Tips for budget planning
  • Tips for distributing administrative costs and own contribution among applicant and co-applicants
  • Other issues like VAT, interests, own contribution, valorisation, project incomes, re-granting
  • Sharing of experiences regarding EU Commission's budget-related questions during contract negotiations
  • Introduction to PROSPECT for online submission of a proposal


Stefanie Kolodziej