All team members at finep possess many years experience in the facilitation of various types of events. We will be pleased to support you with the planning of the appropriate event for your discussion needs. The detailed schedule will be elaborated in a discussion with you and is tailored to your needs.

Get inspired by our methodical toolbox:

Future Search

Future Search is a method for the joint development of concrete ideas for the future. It is suitable for larger groups. The methodical key element is the separation into the three phases criticism, vision and realisation. Due to the ...mehr

Closed Meetings

To have a closed meeting is a good way in oder to be able to deal very intensively with a topic or a milestones. finep facilitates one- or multiple-day closed meetings for district councils, non-profit organisations or teams. ...mehr

World Café

In a relaxed atmosphere as it is present in a street café the participants discuss a problem, sitting on coffee tables in small groups. A facilitator at each table function as the host, taking notes of the most important ...mehr


Mediation is a process that is facilitated by a third person who is aligned with all parties involved. In the course of the process, all conflicting parties are enabled to elaborated an appropriate and sustainable solution to their conflict. Conflicts ...mehr