Evaluation of two projects to reduce child labour in the textile supply chain

(22.09.2015) From June to September 2015 finep’s staff member Elke Rusteberg carried out two project evaluations in India. The projects in Gujarat und Tamil Nadu were supported by terre des hommes /Osnabrück and implemented by local partner organisations of terre des hommes.
Both projects focus on reducing the incidence of child labour in the textile supply chain covering different key aspects. The project „Clean Cotton – Without Child Labour and Exploitation“ in the state of Gujarat aims at reducing child labour in the cotton production regions and particularly at improving the situation of migrant workers’ families in the areas of health and education. The project „Reduction of worst Forms of Child Labour in Textile Supply Chains“ in Tamil Nadu focuses on the elimination of slave labour of young women in textile mills known as “Sumangali”- system that has received much international attention in recent years.
The evaluations were carried out to assess the relevance, the outcomes and impact as well as the efficiency of the projects. Data collection was carried out with participatory methods during three weeks of field research in Tamil Nadu und Gujarat in July 2015. The assignment has been fulfilled with the submission of the evaluation reports that provided recommendations for future programming and project planning.