Global Gardening - New Methods for Global Learning

Gardening is very popular in many different parts of society. Especially young people are more and more discovering their passion for growing their own fruits and vegetables and participate for instance in urban gardening projects. But also different garden initiatives such as school or intercultural gardens are increasingly created and well accepted.

Our project aims at using such initiatives, as well as public gardens and parks to install innovative educational programs on development issues. These installations present current global challenges in a simple but informative way to garden visitors and demonstrate them their individual options for action.

Project components

  • Creation of a best practice collection on existing approaches and methods of Global Learning
  • Organization of two workshops with representatives of the target group in order to determine relevant topics and ideas for the installations
  • Design and development of a total of twelve stationary Casual-Learning-installations on development education topics within existing gardens or parks. Accompanying materials will provide additional information and concrete options for action to the garden visitors
  • Organization of external trainings in order to present and develop the project approach
  • Creation of a project website and a brochure for presenting the methodology and the Casual-Learning-installations that will have been developed

Project partner

The project is realised in cooperation with HelpAge Deutschland e.V.


2016 - 2017


This project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, by Bread for the World - Protestant Development Service and by Katholischer Fonds.