Volunteering for the Future

finep enables young returnees to become continuously engaged in development education.

All over Europe young people go abroad in developing countries and get to know the work of a sending organization and the development work conducted in the region. Through their daily work they get to know a different culture and different way of live. With many positive impressions they also get to see poverty and inequality.

After their voluntary service they are motivated to become engaged for a better world from within their home country as well. The experiences of volunteers are a treasure for every work on development education in Europe.

But for returnees to become engaged they need to know where and how to do it within their home country.

In the framework of the project finep and the project partners will therefore:

  • create a baseline-study about the engagement of returnees
  • offer trainings for returnees to become multipliers in development education on  European and national level
  • conduct workshops for trainers of sending organizations
  • elaborate training handbooks for trainers of sending organizations on development education courses on an European and a national level
  • develop online-courses for the qualification of returnees, mulitpliers and trainers


The project “Volunteering for the future” builds up on the experiences of a predecessor project for returnees which was completed successfully in 2013.


Information and material for sending oranizations and returnees can be found here on the website of our predecessor project for returnees.


Ideas for returnees: create your own project!

You want to stay engaged but you don't know how?

In this collection we want to show the interesting projects our returnees developed as multipliers in development education.

Have a look and... get inspired!




The project is financed by the European Commission and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.