Future Search

Future Search is a method for the joint development of concrete ideas for the future. It is suitable for larger groups. The methodical key element is the separation into the three phases criticism, vision and realisation. Due to the structured, goal-oriented and methodical approach, a mutual understanding of the participants for the problems and possibilities is established. A Future Search event presents a sustainable basis for the development and selection of project ideas that can be addressed in the short and medium term.

finep implemented numerous Future Search events on topics related to local, regional and organisational development, e.g.:

  • Future Search workshop of the Society for Geography and Ethnology Stuttgart e.V. (Gesellschaft für Erd- und Völkerkunde e.V.) (in cooperation with Dr. Barbara Malburg-Graf), 2006
  • Future Search conference Development of Tourism Services in the Region of Hohenlohe + Schwäbisch-Hall Tourism e.V. (by order of Ökologie - Planung - Forschung), 2007
  • Future Search conference Incomparable and Charming: Bronnen and Mariaberg together in the municipality Gammertingen, 2008
  • Forest Future Search within the framework of the planning of the Nature Park Schwäbisch-Fränkischer Wald, 2009
  • Future Search conferences on village development in Gresgen, Riedichen und Mambach (City of Zell im Wiesental) within the framework of the LEADER-pilot project Black Forest Village - Village to Live in. Project to Activitate Inner City Potentials in the LEADER-region Southern Black Forest, 2009