World Café

In a relaxed atmosphere as it is present in a street café the participants discuss a problem, sitting on coffee tables in small groups. A facilitator at each table function as the host, taking notes of the most important aspects of the discussion.

After a preassigned period of time, the participant groups switch to another table where another question will be discussed. The host introduces the group to the question by summarising the contents and results of the previous round. In this way, the discussion can be further developed. After several discussion rounds the results of each table will be presented to the plenum and the key points will be noted. Patterns can be identified, the collective know-how grows and possibilities for subsequent measures become apparent.

The World Café-method can be applied both in big groups as well as in groups with a minimum size of about 15 persons.

In numerous events, finep integrated World Cafés or modified versions:

  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses and desciption of trends within the framework of the planning for the Nature Park Schwäbisch-Fränkischer Wald, 2009
  • LEADER-Village Centre-Cafés in Unterstadion and Hohentengen within the framework of the LEADER pilot project  Live in the Heart of the Village, Enhance Buildings Together and Protect Nature ("Im Dorfkern leben, gemeinsam Gebäude aufwerten und Naturflächen schonen") of the LEADER region Oberschwaben, 2008.